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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

photo by Lazlo Mohoy-Nagy

photo by Lazlo Mohoy-Nagy
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This was part of an exhibition at the Bauhuas archives in Berlin. These color photos were taken in 1935 and they totaly blew my mind. The colors were rich and intense and had the quality of an Almodovar film at times. It was hard to beleive that color film had just been invented then. I think this also shows that good composition and photography is lasting, that you dont need photoshop to make good photos, or maybe I am just an analog crank (she says on her blog...). I think also the Bauhaus in general created really moden, clean, simple forward thinking forms that had a human tough, that did not loose the people into the machine, as if the artists and craftspeople of the Bauhaus knew that ultimately, design is for people.


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