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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Perils at Rocks in Your Head

Perils at Rocks in Your Head
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Perils played a really fun show with our "big sister" band Full Tank on Wednesday at Rocks in Your Head record store in Williamsburg. Before the show even started I bought a Pastels CD I have been coveting for 5 years (and it's just as good as when I listened to it in my room when I first moved to Portland, Oregon and was 19 and over the top crazy). From this photo, though Yumi is blocked by Maggie, you can see that Perils prefers to play (or only can afford) Fender squire guitars. And yes, that is the Transformers movie in the background. Many thanks for friends who came out (and those of you who say "I didn't know you played a show" it's because we didn't play any new songs, so I didn't want to wear out our welcome so to speak).


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