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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mika Miko Irving Plaza

Mika Miko Irving Plaza
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I saw Mika Miko play with The Gossip and Erase Errata. I had seen them last summer while W. and A. were visiting from Belgium in the Good Good's loft and they stood out among the mush of punk/ post-punk bands that played that night. It was strange to see them in such a huge venue, as they seem suited for basements, lofts and holes in the wall, but they sounded great and I later compared them to sounding like the Frumpies, if the Frumpies had had better songs and actually practiced... but same kind of sound and energy and one of the singers (maybe her name is Jenna, pictured here) sang into a distored red telephone. Theirs is the first CD I've bought in a long time and I am really pleased with it, it sounds like the music that made me love indie and punk music in the first place.


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