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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Perils Recording Session

Originally uploaded by perilsmusic.
This is a picture from the recording session that Perils, the band I play in with my friends Tya, Maggie and Yumi, had last weekend in Maggie's lovely apartment. Her awesome boyfriend Noah and two cats, Silver and Magic, were of great assistance. It was really nice to get some of our songs recorded before I leave for two months in Europe and hopefully they will be up on our myspace page soon. I am feeling overwhelmed before I go, but also really excited. It feels like a lot to leave behind here in Brooklyn, but I know it will all be here when I come back. This photo also shows off my new haircut. I showed the stylist at the Aveda institute a picture of Jean Seberg in Breathless and asked her to cut my hair like that. I think she did a great job. It's nice and cool for the summer and what other kind of haircut would I want being a young American lady in Paris?
You can see more photos of the recording session on Flickr, under the name "perilsmusic."


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