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Friday, January 12, 2007

Coney Island in January

Originally uploaded by killerfemme.
G. and I's adventures also took us to Coney Island, bien sur! We got there right at the "magic hour" and I took pictures I've taken a thousand times before, but I never get tired of the Cyclone, Wonder Wheel or Parachute Drop. One visitor from Milwaukee called the Parachute Drop the "Eiffel Tower of Brooklyn" and I couldn't aggree more. We walked along the beach and evaded freezing waves (though I heard the Brooklyn Polar Bear club declared it too warm for their New Years dip and instead had a moment of silence for the real polar bears suffering due to melting arctic ice). You can see more photos of G. and my adventures close to (my) home and more Coney Isalnd pics on flickr.


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