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Monday, September 10, 2007


Revolution Bike Shop
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G. and I borrowed my mother's car and took a road trip to Montreal to visit my Brooklyn neighbors Marty and EJ, who were living there for the summer. There we found amazing bike lanes, cold weather and this wonderful bike shop Revolution, which is run by Marty and EJ's friends. The lady mechanics not only fixed my borrowed bike, which got a flat tire, but I got a $15 "lesbian haircut for anyone" which everyone says is great. There's more photos on flickr, including Village de Valuers (Value Village) where we got yelled at, in French, for taking pictures and mocking the mardi gras beads with the Quebec flag attached. I also spent too much money at Preloved, a clothing store that fashions new clothes out of old clothes. Every piece is unique and they are so terribly cool, it's one of those shops that makes me wish I had my own personal stylist who could put together many outfits for me from their clothes. Maybe when I'm a famous Museum Educator... the trip also featured drives through the backroads of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, where I got to see natural wonders I had not seen since childhood. I must say, I love New England and the eastern provinces.


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