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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome Baby J! Goodbye Jennifer K!

Yesterday, while I was on my way to the Ladytron show, Baby J aka Isaac Seth, was born to parents Erin and Daniel! So exciting. Here is Erin about a month ago at my birthday party (drinking Sorrel juice) with Jennifer K, who is sadly about to head back to Austin after a few months of too-short tenure in NYC. Congratulations Erin and Daniel! We'll miss you Jennifer!

Ladytron @ Terminal Five

While I'm not 100% sure that their live show adds to my appreciation of their albums, I loved seeing Ladytron live again on tour supporting their new album. While the vocals definitely benefit from album production and the sound seemed to worsen throughout the show, I am a sucker for their dark, high energy synth pop complete with deadpan delivery. At the end of the show after "Destroy everything you touch" there was explosion of confetti which showered the crowd. For a band so cold it was quite a burst of exuberance.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Carrots at the Cake Shop!

My review of the Carrots set at the wonderful Corduroy dance party (R.I.P.) has been posted on Please check it out here.
I should be posting some of my photos of the show on flickr very soon.

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