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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Bloody Valentine Reviews and more...

Since coming home from my whirlwind trip to London, Glasgow and Edinburgh I've been writing up a storm. The trip to Glasgow originally involved from buying tickets to see My Bloody Valentine there and then planning everything else. The UK was fantastic, but so fantastically expensive we could barely afford to eat beans and rice. Thankfully, the band was great and you can read the review I wrote for Venus here. Shortly after arriving back at home I went to see the Watson Twins at Music Hall of Williamsburg and wrote another review here. Whew! See more images on my flickr stream.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Flat White, Soho, London

Fueling my need for coffee, this was my first stop in London. The staff were super nice and they were even playing My Bloody Valentine when I walked in. Keight had recommended it and I was thankful for a good, independent coffee shop to visit in Starbucks land (I think there's even more Starbucks in London than in NYC!). In case you were wondering what a Flat White is, Keight looked it up:

"i had to look it up...

a flat white and a latte is almost exactly the same thing, generally same 1/3 espresso to 2/3 milk ratio, but a flat white doesn't include much of the foamy milk at the top (either it's held back or mixed in with the rest of the milk, descriptions conflict on this detail). hence the "flat."

as some dude stated on the coffeesnob forum:

"So if a flat white is a latte without 10mm of 'more aerated' textured milk in it, what it a long black with a dash of milk?

Lets face it, most cafes would not produce a discernably different product if you asked for both, other that being served in a glass and a cup.

... it's a subtle distinction."
Thanks Keight!

Baby J Update

For those of you who are so happy for Erin and Daniel, they've created a blog for new son Isaac Seth. Oh, so great. You can follow the details of his life here:

Summer Reading: The Night Watch

The Night Watch The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I found this on the remainder table at St. Marks Books and picked up because I am always searching for a good novel. I know it's a piece of period fiction, but I really enjoyed this book. I think Sarah Waters captures the mood and atmosphere of London during the Blitz and right after WWII really well. Her characters are engaging and intriguing and I am still thinking about them after finishing the book. Usually I find books that go backwards in time frustrating, but it works for this novel (which starts in 1948 and finishes in 1941) because it turns the reader into a detective, assembling clues about the characters past and leading to some "ah ha!" moments. This is a great read while traveling, and I just happened to be in London while I read it.

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