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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creating Space and Community: Riot Grrrl and Visual Art Article

Following up on a long time personal interest and involvement, I interviewed four artists: Stella Marrs, Nikki McClure, Becca Albee and Amy Yao, about their art making process and, many years later, their thoughts about how Riot Grrrl (all of whom touched or were touched by this movement in some way) related to their art making. I'm so happy how this story came together and you can check it out here on The image above is an installation by Becca Albee. Many thanks!

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Abe Vigoda and Telepathe Review

Last week I went to see Abe Vigoda and Telepathe open for Diplo at my least favorite New York City venue, Webster Hall. I hear its a New York City landmark, but I cannot stand the fake "Egyptian" decoration. Go figure this would make a museum educator crazy. When I first saw these bands together over the summer at South Street Seaport I swore they were both like 18 years old, as there was gangly limbs and youthful noodling everywhere. Imagine my surprise when I heard one of the ladies in Telepathe is 32! Could have fooled me. Anyway, both bands were engaging in completely different ways and you can read my review here. I really love Telepathe's circular, loopy drones. They are kind of the band version of the film Celine et Julie Vont En Bateau. Despite my curiosity and being a fan of his recorded work, I skipped out early when Diplo came on, as it was a little too house music for me and since he put his DJ booth on the floor, I couldn't even see him twiddling the knobs.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blogged on the Zine Library Blog!

Jenna, my favorite blue haired zine librarian, was recently donated my old zines for the Barnard Zine Library collection. She put up a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies which I published in Indulgence #6. Yum! The thing that she didn't say was that the recipe is from the Canadian label Endearing Records (who are amazingly still around!) mailing email list. I must have received that recipe in 1998? I suppose I've made it my own now, but credit where credit is due.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Department of Eagles and Of Montreal Reviews

October is rocktastic so far, with two show reviews in the past week and two more to go in the upcoming weeks. Last Monday Dominick and I saw the debut full band performance of Department of Eagles, which is one-half of (and sounds a lot like) Grizzly Bear. You can check out that review here (and see more of Dominick's lovely photos like the one I used here). Friday brought some fairly tedious glam rock from Of Montreal, whose set included bringing a live horse on stage. After that, where can you go, really? You can check out the review here and see Natasha's totally fab photos.

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Indulgence #10

Indulgence #10
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After four years I made a new issue of Indulgence! True to form, this one is essays about my life, but I've shifted from political analysis to personal introspection, framed by places I've lived or visited. There are three essays about Paris, Portland, and Brooklyn, and the cover is printed on the Print Gocco and it is hand bound. Of course. I never staple. If you would like to receive one in the mail, please paypal me $3 to killerfemme (at) I'd also trade for your zine/art proroject or a really good letter. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A fun place to work!

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Our First Saturday went off without a hitch and here's the photo to prove it! I ran up to join this Nirvana dance party several moments later, but fortunately, I seem to have avoided infamy for now. There's also a great video of this on the Brooklyn Museum's flickr photo stream.