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Monday, September 10, 2007

Punks at Pure Food and Wine

Punks at Pure Food and Wine
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The blow of all these departures was softened by a visit from the Maine punks Dugan (now living in Cincinnati and studying to be Portland's furture planner) and Matt. We celebrated by going to Pure Food and Wine, where our friend Neal is the head chef. We got desserts, including the peach parfait and tiramisu. All vegan and raw... wow.

Goodbye and Good luck Wassan!

Wassan, Vincente, Hamburger
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She'll probably be annoyed at me for blogging this photo, but Wassan (shown here eating a burger on the Delancy's rooftop) left this week to begin a new job as a curator in a not yet opened moder, Arab art museum in Doha, Qatar. After working with Wassan for a year and seeing her pull together a weekend where 60 artists from all over the world were talking at the Museum over the course of 4 days, I know that this new museum will benefit immensely from her knowledge, energy and expertise. Wassan was always finding cool things to do and organizing outings, as well as happy to share gossip and trade ideas. It's true that friends are never far away thanks to the internet, but Doha does seem far. I am going to start planning my trip...

The photo of the summer

Waiting for someone or other to play at McCarren pool, Andi snapped this picture of G. and I. I think it's the picture of the summer, us trading glasses and being generally ridiculous, spending times with friends and trying to enjoy all that Brooklyn has to offer.


Revolution Bike Shop
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G. and I borrowed my mother's car and took a road trip to Montreal to visit my Brooklyn neighbors Marty and EJ, who were living there for the summer. There we found amazing bike lanes, cold weather and this wonderful bike shop Revolution, which is run by Marty and EJ's friends. The lady mechanics not only fixed my borrowed bike, which got a flat tire, but I got a $15 "lesbian haircut for anyone" which everyone says is great. There's more photos on flickr, including Village de Valuers (Value Village) where we got yelled at, in French, for taking pictures and mocking the mardi gras beads with the Quebec flag attached. I also spent too much money at Preloved, a clothing store that fashions new clothes out of old clothes. Every piece is unique and they are so terribly cool, it's one of those shops that makes me wish I had my own personal stylist who could put together many outfits for me from their clothes. Maybe when I'm a famous Museum Educator... the trip also featured drives through the backroads of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, where I got to see natural wonders I had not seen since childhood. I must say, I love New England and the eastern provinces.

A Summer of Rockin' Out

Rockin' Out
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I've been delinquint with the blog this summer... and with all the summer reading I was hoping to do (thanks, Andi, for forgiving my library fines!). And now sumemr is over, though the humidity makes me feel like it's still July. This photo, of LJ, Andi and Gael rocking' out at the Ted Leo show at McCarren pool is a representative sample of the free, outdoor summer fun that included an Opera in Prospect Park, Camera Obscura at South Street Seaport, and Ted Leo, the Thermals and TV on the Radio at McCarren pool (not for free there was also Sonic Youth and the Slits and Feist). There were also beach trips, bike rides and barbeques. Every year I feel like I settle into NYC a bit more and am a bit more relaxed about living here. All told, this was only my second summer here. In college I preffered to "summer" in Portland, OR and last summer I had the chance to study in France, which was fantastic. But summer in NYC, despite the heat and no air conditioner in my room, is really, really fun. There is a lightness about and the pace of the city seems to slow down. Like last year, I am working on extending summer through September. In June Andi and I made a pact to "live the good life" in NYC and I think we succeeded this summer.